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Commercial Silos

The Superior Commercial Bin gives you maximum storage capacities. Heavy duty stiffeners carry the vertical loads to the foundation & resist the wind loads more effectively than unstiffened silos.

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Hopper Bottom Silos

Superior's Hopper Silo allows for fast and convenient unloading of the grain. The sidewall sheet gauges are enhanced to accommodate additional loads from hopper unloading.

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Flat Bottom Silos

At Ag Hub Industries we offer a full range of Superior Flat Bottom grain silos, with 100% perforated floor aeration and the channel aeration is also available.

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Herculok Floor System

Herculok Floor design removes no steel in the forming process, making floors 12% heavier & more than twice as strong.

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Adequate and even airflow throughout the grain silo is critical to proper cooling, storage and natural air drying.

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Superior's vent and closure system is at the cutting edge of grain aeration and fumigation.

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