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As the premier product of Intelliair, the BinManager system is an internet based program which allows you to monitor and control your drying from anywhere in the world.

Once your parameters are set (commodity/ desired moisture content), BinManger will monitor both interior and exterior temperatures of your silo and automatically run your fans at only the optimum times for maximum drying efficiency.

With accessible live reports at any time, this system will even alert you to potential problems such as hot spots via email or text. Grain management has never been this advanced yet simple.

BinCheck Handheld

The days of climbing a ladder up the side of your bin to manually probe multiple spots, only to get erratic, unreliable readings are finally over! The BinCheck Handheld system allows you to monitor and analyze data using a simple handheld device that you plug into a panel on the exterior of your grain bins.

The walk-up access points allow you to plug the same device into multiple bins and read data from up to eight moisture cables per bin. It will provide you with all the vital system information, alleviating the guesswork when it comes to drying your grain. Say goodbye to the days of inefficient operations that yield over-dried product and lost profits.

BinCheck Handheld

  • exterior walk-up access
  • connector box mounts right onto the exterior
  • one handheld unit plugs into multiple bins
  • quick and easy way to access drying data
  • long-life lithium ion battery requires no additional electrical power


  • premier grain system
  • monitors temperature and moisture of your grain
  • system alerts and helpful data
  • internet-based central monitoring of multiple bins
  • easily integrate additional features like Theft Manager or Rain Gauge

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